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Paradise Billiards - The details are not the details. They make the design work.
-  Charles Eames
Attention to detail is what separates Harrison from the cut rate table mechanics. If you want your table to play like it should... call Harrison... I have a 1957 Brunswick Sportsman 9' restored pool table.
- Danny H
I am an avid pool player and playing conditions are important to me! Several years ago I purchased a 9' Lehmacher tournament pool table from Paradise Billiards. Harrison (HT) helped (guided) me with light selection, cloth, accessories, and table placement. HT is an accomplished artist and fastidious, and caring technician in the art  of pool table mechanics. For as long as he works he will be the only person I will let work on my table.He gets five stars: *****
- Bert
Just bought a used 8' pool table from Paradise and it is awesome! I have zero complaints and would definitely recommend you over anybody. Y'all take the time to set it up right and make sure the table is ready to play on before y'all leave!  
- Ryan P
I recently purchased a used pool table from Paradise Billiards (Harrison Todd) for my new game room. He helped me decide on new cushion rubber and I also wanted tighter pockets as well. And the best and fastest Simonis cloth in Tournament Blue.  He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about pool table mechanics and the game itself.  He even helped me with can light placement in my ceiling over the table. In my opinion he is one of the best billiard technicians in the state of Texas. He was extremely careful with my pool table installation. I am VERY HAPPY with his sales and service.
Thanks again HT!!!
- Noe Estrada
Paradise Billiards moved, setup and recovered my pool table in my new house. Their professionalism and attention to detail was above reproach. I recommend them to everyone. Very satisfied customer.
- Charles​
When people call me about pool table service or sales I tell them to call 361-774-7401.  Talk to Harrison.  He is the very best you could ask for.  He does standard installations and also very unique pool tables, repairs and "Pool Table Rescue".  There are a few other cut rate installers but Harrison is the only billiard mechanic that knows what he's doing.  He will treat you fair. Sure he brings me a bottle of Jack Daniels once a year but I'm telling you the truth.  He refers his customers to me for real nice cue sticks and cases.  From $75. to $1,200. and up.  I have about 250 in stock and a lathe for cue repairs and tips. I've been selling cues for 40 years.
- Rockin Robins Pro Shop
Robin Adair,  361-851-9799.
I found a great pool table several years ago and set it up myself after I had shipped over from fla.  I did a decent job and played on it for a while, only to find out that the Billiard company who checked it out in for me in Florida lied to me.  The cushions were dying and had gotten really bad within the year.  It wasn't long till I knew it was in need of new cushions and then some.  I knew Harrison for some time,  so I reached out to him to do the work.
My table is a 1905, 10', Frank Rosatto, Improved Union League.  It was in very good shape,  but after seeing a few things that Harrison pointed out to me, we ended up restoring the upper half. New cushions/rails,  cloth,  pockets (leather & irons), fringe and more.  All top quality and all done with meticulous care.  Setup (leveling) and everything else from feathering behind the top of the cushions to refinishing the rosewood rails. During the installation I watched over his shoulder and learned quite a lot.... and I thought I had done a decent job. Not even close.  In the end it may have taken a little longer (I let HT know that I was in no rush from the beginning), but the more he completed the more I couldn't wait to play on it !  It is a very beautiful table.  All thanks to Harrison.  He said he would take care of me and do it right,  he didn't lie like those Florida guys.  He got'er done right !
Thanks Harrison,
 - Chuck
We ordered a Presidential pool table for our new home in Port A.  Harrison & his crew were very professional and took great care when installing our new table on the 3rd floor.  They also delivered a dining table top for the pool table and benches for seating and storage. I would recommend Paradise Billiards to anyone who needs to aquire or install a billiard table.
- Lou B.
I asked Paradise Billiards to aquire a used Snooker table in South Texas.  They found one and did help me buy an excellent used solid oak table for our ranch.  He had a good source and saved us a lot of money.  But they had to use our circular staircase to the table get upstairs.  Harrison and his crew worked hard and paid attention to all the details necessary to complete this unique project.  They recovered the table and got us very nice accessories and a new set of snooker balls.  They did a terrific job.  Thanks again. 
- Hughes
We just moved to Padre Island from out of state.  After looking at his website I asked Harrison to come look at our space. We definitely wanted a cool game room for our family.  He showed us a pool table with a matching shuffleboard that was very modern.  We also got a poker table, pub table and chairs.  They had to use a crane to get the shuffleboard to our 3rd floor balcony.  They were there 3 days getting the project complete.  On time just before the kids first visit.  His team was very professional.  He was always there, and we did feel comfortable while they worked when we had to leave for work.  His suggestions were spot on.  Harrison is too good at pool, but I’ll invite him over to play poker and go on the boat !                                                                                                                                                                                             -- Rick & Lola
I bought a used Diamond Pro 8 table from a club in San Antonio.  It was 18 years old and very ruffed up with bad rail rubber and scratches.  Harrison was referred by all the good players.  He refinished the wood, got new Diamond rubber and pockets, Tournament Blue Simonis Cloth and Aramith balls.  I spent less than 50% of a new table which looks and it looks and plays like new!!!                                                                                                                                                                                - Jay
Hey Harrison, Thanks for the great set up on the bar table that you sold and rebuilt for us.  Here’s a picture with the light installed.  Plans for many hours in the “Snowcave”.  Its just what we wanted.                                                                                      - Jackie and Chris
Harrison came to our dove hunting & fishing lodge and rebuilt our old pool table.  Moved and leveled it, plus new rails and cloth.  He also worked on our 1950’s shuffleboard table.  We are owned by Silver Eagle, the Anheuser-Bush distributor.  My Houston boss wanted everything fixed up perfect and Harrison did just that.  He got to stay in our lodge for spent 3 nights with all he could eat and drink included.  He is a perfectionist and it is truly a labor of love.  He made our game room look great.  I just told him “Let’r rip, tater chip!” and he did!                                                                               - Shoalwater Lodge, Port O’Conner, James P., Manager
I bought a used Brunswick pool table from Paradise Billiards.  It is in our new recreation room at our company building for the staff and clients to enjoy.  It plays great and everyone really likes this addition to our facility.
We had a very positive and educating experience with Harrison. He and Scott did an outstanding job setting the         pool table up and even entertaining us at the end.  We appreciate your dedication & the professionalism on this special project. Thanks again,
- Gabe G.
I recently purchased a used pool table from Paradise Billiards.  Harrison Todd was able to answer all of my questions about pool tables and what to look for when buying one.  He delivered the pool table and set it up at my house guiding me on placement to allow for easy movement around the table.  He was very professional.  You can tell that he is extremely knowledgeable about table mechanics. Thanks for great service and an awesome purchasing experience.
- Holley T.
I bought an 18 year old Lehmacher 9' tournament table.  Harrison installed new Artemis cushion rubber and lengthened the rails so that the pocket openings are 3/4" tighter than normal.  The corners are 4" wide and the sides are 4.75" wide.  This makes it very challenging but helps me practice and improve my skills.  He and Scott also installed Simonis 760 Tournament Blue Cloth very tight. I'm extremely happy with his strive for excellence.  I wouldn't hire anyone else to touch my table. Harrison did an excellent job with the rails and all the other good players that come over are impressed with his work.  This table now looks and plays like a $10,000 tournament table you would see when world champions play challenge matches on youtube.
- Robert "the painter"
I ordered a new Presidential African mahogany pool table for my new house.  Harrison and Scott delivered and installed the table with burnt orange Simonis cloth.  My father and I watched from time to time and noticed that they got the slates dead level.  It looks amazing and plays great.  I would highly recommend Paradise Billiards for any pool table needs.  Thanks again guys.
- Andrew F.
I bought a used Brunswick pool table from Paradise Billiards. It was a very easy transaction.  I knew Harrison from his billiard room for over 15 years.  He and Scott delivered and set it up in my home.  Table is dead level and plays great.  No wrinkles in the cloth on pocket cushion rails and cloth is stretched very tight.  Many of my friends have bought tables from Paradise and he has always done fantastic work.  I would highly recommend them for any pool table needs.  Thanks again guys.
- David S.
I bought a used pool table from Harrison and he installed it in Rockport before the storm.  My insurance worked with him to get it moved ASAP and he stored it for 8 months.  Naturally he refinished the table and set it back up with new cloth.  It looks better than before.  Thanks very much for working with us over 8 months.                                                                 - Doug
I bought a 22’ shuffleboard table from Paradise Billiards.  They arrived in a 24’ truck and by happy hour had it set up.  My customers were soooo excited and they did a great job leveling it.  Thank you, it’s a very popular addition. - Connie, Buckhorn Saloon, Ingleside
We bought a teak Presidential pool table from Paradise Billiards 3 years ago and were completely satisfied.  We also got a pub table and chairs for our game room.  Harrison is very knowledgeable and a true professional in every sense.  He is the go to guy in Corpus Christi.  He has kept in touch with us and he stops buy every few months and we play a few games.  We recently decided to get a different color Simonis cloth and he recovered it and was another superb job.  Don't go anywhere else for a pool table.  Set-up is the KEY to a great billiards experience and he can't be beat.
-  Joe and Carol 
Six years ago, I bought a tournament Lehmacher 5’ x 10’ heated Carom table from Paradise Billiards on eBay.  Harrison Todd owned this table and I went to Corpus Christi, Texas and he picked me up at the airport.  He showed me how to put it together and we loaded it into a Penske truck.  It weighs over 1,500 pounds, with the slates over 400 pounds each.  We used an engine lift and sprinkler pipes to get the slates to the front of the truck.  I hauled it to Denver and set it up in my home.  At that time, I opted to replace only the bed cloth, since the rubber and the rail cloth were in good condition.  He has visited me several times in Denver over the years and recently while we were playing, mentioned that the rubber seemed to be getting dead and needed to be replaced.  It was over 18 years old and I decided to have him help me redo the table, including new rubber and all new cloth.  He ordered everything and made the trip to Denver to do the rework on the table, with my help.  With his great expertise, experience and tools, Harrison guided us through the table rework with great results.  He even discovered an error made by the factory in milling the rails that needed to be corrected.  After reviewing the correct specs online and some very precise measuring he used a router and made the changes necessary to make the rubber fit in place better and more securely.  The table is now more level, more lively by 25%, and playing on it is almost effortless and a lot more fun.  I have invested about $6,500. to buy and rebuild this tournament table and a new one that plays like this would cost over $13,000.
Thanks Harrison for helping me get these improvements done on my table.
-  Jack Little, Avid 3-Cushion Billiard Player
I recently bought a new home that had a room big enough for a pool table.  I found Paradise Billiards online and talked with Harrison.  He helped me choose the perfect table for the design of the room, and my friends and kids absolutely love it!  Harrison is very detailed and thorough, and his art background showed when he pointed out features that would really help make our game room special to my family and the house.  We also bough some furniture and artwork.  It is our perfect gameroom.  He and Scott also set-up the table and it was way more work than I had imagined.  He is reliable and the man for the job.  I recommend him and give him 5 stars.
 -  Jeanette I.


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